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Jagruth Tech in Media

What our customer saying about our products

Jagruth family feedback

Eco friendly products

Recycled Plastic Pellets

Jagruth Pellets

All types of pellets like PET, HDPE, LDPE etc...are available

Enrich Organic Fertilizer

Jagruth Enrich

Enrich 2Kg for Rs.19 and 5Kg for Rs.49

Enrich Organic Fertilizer

Jagruth Enrich

40 KG Enrich bag available for Rs. 499

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Bank Details

  • Bank Name: Karnataka Bank Ltd
  • Location: Vivekanandanagar, Mysore,
    Karnatak, India- 570023
  • Name: Darshan.C
  • Account No: 5082500101150101
  • IFSC Code: KARB0000508

Frequently Asked

Feel free to ask questions, you can send us questions or queries to or call us +91 – 9741730574

Currently “Jagruth Tech” selling dry plastic waste or scrap  like HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, MLP etc.., in the form of bailed, shredded, pillets or granules.

“Jagruth Tech” selling Interlock Pavers, Roof Tiles, Floor Tiles and Interlock Bricks.

“Jagruth Tech” selling Enrich Organic Fertilizer Compost Manure for plants in Mysore.

First call us and get the quotation, after that you can pay us through Phone Pe/ Google Pay/ Bank.

What our clients say

What people are saying about Enrich ? Hear from our newest to our family.

Good organic fertilizer product for lesser price in Mysore.
Mysore Great Product Enrich organic fertilizer! Plant grows faster within few days
This organic fertilizer attracts earth worms ! Good customer service.

“Let’s Save Our Environment Together”