About Jagruth:

We will tell you a little about our initiative!

We’re on a mission to help, raise awareness of our environment by setting up waste plastic recycling manufacturing unit in Mysore, India, and converting waste plastic into interlock pavers.

Our big goal — save our environment from plastic pollution and eventually save our oceans from this kind of pollution. 

And we will develop products by using waste plastic and introduce to the market and also support the charities and conservation around the world that are making a difference to rid our mountain of plastics in landfills and oceans of these plastics and help our environment.

About Enrich:

 Farming has its abundant history. The best practice in farming is making use of animals for work. This has turned to the rapid result by introducing of MANURE. Manure is the organic material that is prepared by decomposition of crop residues or animal droppings which improves the fertility of the soil. Manure made a rapid change and made all the people attract towards farming. As on practice, manure got its higher version with extra benefits and that is Organic Fertilizer. 

 Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd. is organically introducing the fertilizer, which has these benefits:


Natural fertilizer

Rich in nutrients

Improves soil aeration


Healthier growth

ENRICH Organic Fertilizer is the compost manure and rich organic supplement for soil which gives lots of advantages. It can be used for P2P : Pot-2-Plantation. Enrich is being made by recycling all the biodegradable wastes which are collected and processed essentially. Preferring the chemical fertilizer for faster growth of plants is common these days. Therefore, Enrich foremost notion is to get healthy vegetation to all the people. Enrich not only concentrates only on the best and healthy growth of the plants, but it makes soil also healthier.

 Enrich attracts earthworms, which feed on the degradable waste in the soil. It increases nutrient availability, stables soil structure by improving soil aeration with default increase in the root development, improves drainage which increases productivity. 100% natural plant nutrients are available in Enrich and the growth of the plants is more by three times. It increases the immune system of plants and increases quality results by flowers or fruits and makes plants grow green. Enrich helps in overcoming the damages causing by chemicals. All the above advantages are the supporting elements to eliminate the usage of chemicals. Enrich is free from chemicals. Composted manure is technically the organic process to get rid away from chemicals.