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If you are looking for manufacturers who will make and sell your invention and pay you royalties, you’re in right place. We help you by manufacturing your product and bringing into market.

Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd might also offer you a licensing deal directly.

The gap between an idea and a product is action. A great IDEA makes no money until it is mass produced and bring to market. Your idea is engineered and manufactured by our team, you can protect your new IDEA by patenting it or signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us. In short, knowing about the manufacturing process for your invention can greatly help you increase successin market.

In manufacturing your choice for material and how to make it, is important because cost will vary for different manufacturing process and material so choose wisely.

Nowadays new rapid prototyping/3D printing technologies are great for custom manufacturing. Manufacturing process varies for different product, If your product is a mass market consumer product then automated processes is recommended.

One of the huge benefits of working with Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd is professional and industrial designers will guide you through the manufacturing process, dynamic design for your invention. Our industrial designer has recent experience with developing products from scratch to manufacturing.

Great product comes with great responsibilities like quality, cost effectiveand should overcome the problems in a existing product.

First Inventor should sketch is idea, 3D model using CAD software, patent it, 3D print the design, use it, make some changes and then approach manufacturers for mass production to bring to market.

You can change from one process to another process and you may change the materials you use to reduce the cost and to increase quality.

Different types of manufacturing processes as follows.

  • 3D Printing - Metals, Plastics. A virtualdesign is converted into a physical model using different materials.
  • Casting - Metals, Plastics, Waxes and Foods. Liquids fill a mould and take shape of a mould and convert to solid.
  • Stamping - Metals are punched and stretched into shapes that fill a die block.
  • Rolling - Metals, Foods. Thicker sheets of materials are rolled into thinner sheets.
  • Forging Forging - Metals. Hot metals are hammered into shapes.
  • Molding - Metals, Plastics, Foods. Liquid or soft materials are pushed or pressurized into moulds and hardened.
  • Extruding Extruding - Metals, Plastics, Foods. Soft materials are pushed through a shape and hardened.
  • Machining - Metals, Plastics, Wood. Creating shapes by removing material.
  • Cutting - All Materials. Cutting a larger piece into smaller pieces.
  • Joining • Joining - All materials. Fusing, welding, gluing, press-fitting, co-molding, riveting, sewing, screwing, bolting.
  • Finishing - All Materials. Heat treating, grinding, plating, anodizing, passivating, electrocoating, polishing, painting.
  • Final Assembly - Parts from multiple suppliers are assembled to create the final product using different methods.
  • Inventory / Supply Chain Management - See that necessary parts are on hand when needed while minimizing costs