Dry Waste collection
By Namma Mysore Foundation

Jagruth Tech and Namma Mysore Foundation Collaboration

Namma Mysore Foundation® (NMF), was born out of the concern for environment and sustaining our earth.

NMF carries out different types of drives and events to ensure we leave a better place than what it is today, for our future generations.

NMFs work includes raising awareness, conducting clean up drives and ensuring that locals are included in these endeavors.

Our goal is to instill in everyone’s mind the practice of environmental sustainability, waste management, cleanliness, urban landscape and habitat restoration.

Namma Mysore Foundation supports Jagruth Tech by collecting dry waste and creating awareness among the people with a mission of Dispose Waste Properly, Segregate waste at source, and #SwitchToRecycle. Plastic wastes are not meant for throwing it on the landfills. Ensuring and maintaining Circular Economy is good for people as well as for the environment. So, finding new useful ways to see waste plastics is necessary. Individual decision of using recycled products is the collective shift to save environment. Use plastics, dispose properly and, #SwitchToRecycle.

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Donate for Namma Mysore Foundation to collect dry waste in Mysore there by reducing pollution in mysore.

Segregation is fundamental to waste minimization and essential for effective waste management. It must execute according to specific disposal requirements. The key to great recycling is segregation. What if the segregation starts at the source?


1. Separately keep the dry wastes in the blue-colored bins.
2. We have our vehicle to collect dry waste, and we are responsible for picking up the dry trash from your place.


• Do not mix the wet waste with dry waste.
• Do not mix hazardous or biomedical wastes with dry waste.

Household waste collection:

Kindly maintain the waste segregation as below, for the benefits of up cycling and recycling:
We also request you all not to keep any hazardous waste with the plastics.

Industrial waste collection:

Industries must collect and dispose of the wastes they produce at designated disposal sites, and the collection, treatment, and disposal of such wastes must be monitored by a Pollution Control Committee (PCC) or State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) in the Union Territory. With all the above considerable points, Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd has collaborated with Pollution Control Board for the benefit of society.

Prevention of plastic pollution aims at minimization of industrial wastes at source. Second, recycling those plastic wastes into effective useful products.