"Waste plastics are now no waste."

We all are one step behind in reducing plastic pollution.

Just by disposing waste properly can reduce
plastic pollution in landfill and oceans which are
affecting not only humans but also wildlife.

We are not asking you to recycle to save Environment.

Just by putting dry waste in separate bin, you can save our environment.

Dry and wet wastes are different, and we DO NOT collect wet waste. We collect ONLY Dry waste.

We request all the people who are giving dry waste
to segregate them like below:

1. Plastic covers like Milk packet covers, bubble
wrap, plastic bags, films etc...in an individual blue color bag.

2. Packaging covers like chips covers, biscuit covers
and chocolate covers etc...in an separate individual green bag.

3. Hard plastics like water bottles, can, jug, buckets etc...
in separate red color container.

4. Cardboards, news papers, paper sheets and books in another
separate yellow color container.

We also request you all not to keep any hazardous
waste with the plastics.

Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd. is authorized by Mysuru City Corporation and Pollution Control Board for waste plastic collection and is working with the social goal of reducing plastic pollution and providing a healthy environment to society.