Eco Interlock Paver

Construction materials like interlock pavers, and kerbstone are recycled from Low Value Plastics(LVP). LVP are non recyclables and hence, these construction materials are made from those LVP. Even rag pickers will not show interest in order to pick off those plastics. Therefore, LVP once used, is either ending up in landfills or in oceans that settle for more than hundreds of years which forms leachate, or people make them burn in streets which results in many diseases with Plastic Pollution. Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd., takes the courage of recycling the LVP into interlock pavers which are stronger than cement pavers, and it is affordable, longevity, and environment friendly.

By manufacturing just 1 interlock paver from low value plastics waste types and diverting them from landfill, we prevent approximately 3 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere thereby reducing global warming. “Eco Interlock Pavers” fulfills 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as per United Nations as shown below.

Length x Width

195 mm x 160 mm

Available Thickness

60mm (+/- 5mm)

For 1 Sq. ft x 1 Sq. ft

3 Tiles

Weight of 1 Paver

2 Kg

Physical Properties

  1. Can take load more than 40 ton.
  2. Anti-Skid.
  3. Water Resistant.
  4. Heat Resistant.
  5. 2 Kg laminated Post/ Pre Consumer plastic waste (MLP)
  6. 3 kg of CO2 emission prevented.
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