Who we are ?

Jagruth Tech Pvt, Ltd. is the authorized dry waste
plastic collector approved by Mysore City
Corporation (MCC)

How we work?

We combine smart design with rich technology to
craft an innovative brand by raising awareness
among all.

Our products

Compost Manure, Eco Pro, Building materials, and
levitating pots. Products are eco-friendly, which
solves environmental issues.

Our popular products

Eco Interlock Paver

Construction materials like interlock pavers, and kerbstone are recycled from Low Value Plastics(LVP). LVP are non recyclables and hence, these construction materials are made from those LVP. Patent Application no. 202341035758

Jagruth Enrich Organic Fertilizer

Farming has its abundant history. The best practice in farming is making use of animals for work. This has turned to the rapid result by introducing of MANURE. Manure is the organic material that is prepared

Our Clients

Our Clients

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is used to pickup high value materials in non-compostable solid waste and then selling to recyclers to generate …

Do you think that we all are dealing with plastics right now? Do you know that some of your life is bonded …

1 Degree Celsius

India faces a major climate change challenge. During the last century, India’s average temperature increased by around 0.7°C (1901–2018), largely on account …

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