Material Recovery Facility by Jagruth Tech Private Limited, Mysore

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is used to pickup high value materials in non-compostable solid waste and then selling to recyclers to generate revenue.

In MRF, there will be series of process like first segregation, sorting and recovery of recyclables from mixed waste and low value materials like single use plastics, multi layered plastic, non recyclable items will be sent to landfill or burnt.

Now, Jagruth Tech came up with world revolutionary technology, where low value materials will be upcycled into construction materials, therefore no waste is sent to landfill. Which has less carbon footprint

First time in the world, this type of technology was introduced in Material Recovery Facility, India.

Recently Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2022 states that

  1. Plastic Packaging Waste Collection System by Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners

(14.1) Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners while fulfilling their Extended Producer Responsibility obligations may develop collection and segregation infrastructure of plastic packaging waste, as required, based on the category of plastics. It may include the following based on implementation modality of Extended Producer Responsibility adopted by Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners: -(a) establish waste plastic collection points and Material  Recovery Facilities (MRFs);

Jagruth Tech Private Limited, is here to help all Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners to setup Material Recovery Facility in any region to process all kinds of waste.

Jagruth Tech has solution for all types of waste and will provide Material Recovery Facility consultancy.

Together we can save our environment.

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